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A Close Shave

The Correct Guide to Shaving

A good shave is always the sign to others of good grooming habits and speaks volumes about one's character & professionalism. It's the daily ritual we can't escape, and with the help of some ingenious products on the market today, can actually be quite enjoyable when done correctly. Good preparation is the key to a good shave. Here are some tips on achieving a close, comfortable shave using the proper technique:

  1. Shave after you shower or wrap a hot towel around your face for a few minutes before you begin. The hot water loosens up pores and softens your hair for a closer shave.
  2. Lightly rub some Pre-Shave Oil onto your skin to protect it and allow the razor to glide more easily. This is particularly recommended for guys with heavier beards as the oil actually softens and lifts the hair and prepares it for shaving. For this purpose, we recommend either the e Shave Pre-Shave Oil or Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil. Both are formulated from the highest-quality blend of oils to achieve maximum results.
  3. Next lather up some shave cream using a shaving brush (ie. the handsome e Shave Brush) or your fingers. There are quite a number of shave creams to choose from. Among the many we offer, we find that the e Shave Cream and MenScience Advanced Shave Formula tend to be among the best. Both offer unscented alternatives for shave creams. For those who wish to have a scented shaving cream of equal calibre, we recommend your choice of Truefitt and Hill's 1805, Traflagar, Grafton or West Indian Limes. Each one has a distinctive masculine scent and add a little extra to your morning wake-up. They also produce the Truefitt and Hill Luxury Shave Soap, which is slightly different from the conventional shave cream yet still produces a great lather for shaving. e Shave offers the same in three fresh scents: Lavender, Mandarin & Linden. All soaps come housed in attractive bowls, which make handsome additions to any bathroom counter. For those who prefer alternatives to shave creams or shave soaps, California North produces two wonderful substitutes: the Electric Glide Formula and Pacific Foam Shaving Gel. These are shaving gels formulated to form a thin barrier against your skin and give some extra slip so that the razor can glide more easily. The possibilities seem endless but really it is a matter of personal preference. Whatever your choice, their importance is apparent: these products are developed to soften and raise the hair away from the skin so you can achieve the closest shave possible.
  4. Be sure to shave with the grain. We recommend using a triple-blade razor. e Shave offers some beautiful razors (we prefer call them works of art) in unique colors. Do not apply pressure when shaving but rather let your razor glide over prepared skin in the direction of hair growth.
  5. For stubborn hair, reapply some shave cream (or if prefer any of the other subtitutes) and repeat. However, shave in a sideways motion, using small strokes to prevent irritation. Around the neck area, hair tends to grow in different directions. Run your fingers along the neck to feel and follow the pattern. Most guys find that when shaving along the neck that it's best done upwards toward the chin but this may differ from person to person.
  6. If you should happen to get a nick or two, rinse and rub a moistened e shave Alum Block against the skin. This will immediately stop any bleeding, closing the pores and cleansing the skin. If you find you develop ingrown hairs or razor bumps, PFB Vanish is a convenient roll-on gel that can solve these problems by exfoliating the affected area.
  7. Pat your skin dry and apply an after-shave of your choice for maximum comfort. This will soothe your skin and calm any irritation that results from shaving. Truefitt & Hill offer their after-shaves in their signature scents: 1805, Traflagar, Grafton or West Indian Limes. If you prefer something unscented, MenScience Post-Shave Repair is an alcohol-free after-shave that will instantly calm razor burn and redness, leaving your face refreshed and toned.
  8. Be sure to throroughly clean the blade in your razor after each shave to keep it in fine form, and change your blade frequently.