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The "Proper" Use of Cologne

ScentWith all the bad press that colognes and fragrances have received lately, it's important to remember that it's not the product itself that is bad but the people who haven't a clue how to properly administer it. When deciding on a personal scent, only you can tell what will work for you because it's...well, personal! We've found it best to stick with very subtle fragrances. Often the sublime hint of a man's cologne after he has walked by is all it takes to give that alluring air of seduction. The proper way to apply any cologne or scent is not to spray it directly onto your skin but rather starting at shoulder height, give two or three sprays into the air directly in front of you in a downward vertical line then quickly walk through this mist. Whether you choose to apply the cologne this way before you dress or afterwards, is a matter of preference. California North offers two invigorating scents: Richardson Bay Spray and O2XYGEN Men's Eau de Toilette. Both offer exciting, yet unique scents that denote an air of vitality and urban hip. For something more stayed and distinguished, why not try one of the many scents offered by Truefitt & Hill such as 1805, Traflagar, Grafton or West Indian Limes. Their fragrances have served some of the finest British gentlemen, and remain popular today because of their timeless quality. Finally, it should go without saying that cologne is a subtle enhancement to your good grooming habits and not a substitute for poor hygiene. A man should have only one subtle scent rather than two overpowering ones doing battle for his personal space!