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LipsSeduction is an artform and your lips play the pivotal role. Nobody wants to kiss dry, scratchy, chapped lips. Often overlooked by guys, you need only ask your squeeze about the importance of soft, supple lips. Everyone knows that lips are particularly prone to the damaging environmental effects of sun, wind and cold weather. For this reason, Menaji Lip Agent and Heavy Duty LipWorx come highly recommended for daily lip use. Their concentrated ingredients usually means that one application a day is all you need. Packed with humectants, they hydrate your lips and protect them from the elements. Menaji's Lip Agent also contains an spf of 19 for regular sun protection but if you plan on a day at the beach or prolonged exposure to the sun, MenScience has developed the Advanced Lip Protection stick with an spf of 30. It'll keep your lips hydrated while screening out harmful UVA/UVB rays. It should go without saying that lip protection should be applied daily, usually in the morning or just before taking to the great outdoors. So don't forget the importance of lip care, it can make a world of difference between a bad date and a great one!