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The Importance of Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing Your Face

CleansingCleansing your skin is important as it removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It also will remove the dust and dirt that clogs the pores on the skin. If dust and dirt are allowed to accumulate, it can block the pores thus blocking the secretion of the glands from coming to the top of the skin providing it the weapons it need to fight against infections, toxic agents, etc. Blocked pores also result in acne blemishes and gives shine or glow to the surface of the skin. For most skin types, we recommend washing your face at least twice a day, usually once in the morning and once again in the evening before going to bed. We also recommend washing your face after any strenuous activity that results in heavy perspiration. If you have oily or problem skin, we recommend cleansing your face 3 - 4 times daily but do not wash it more than this as it may actually encourage your glands to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness that usually accompanies frequent washings.

The Correct Way To Wash Your Face:

  1. Moisten your face with water. Work up a lather by rubbing a facial cleanser, like Anthony Sport Foaming Face Cleanser or MenScience Daily Face Wash, between the wet palms of both hands. Using your fingertips, massage the lather into your face and throat. You may also use the MenScience Face Buff Brush, which has been specifically developed for this purpose with its soft bristles.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with a washcloth or with splashes of water. Take three times as much time for rinsing as compared to what you took for lathering. The important thing is that you remove all of the soap so any residue won't irritate your face.
  3. Pat dry with a soft towel. Do not wipe a towel across your face as it damages the top layer of skin cells, and vigorous rubbing with any coarse material aggravates and pulls at your skin.

Thorough cleansing removes more than dirt, oil and dead skin cells. It also strips your skin of its protective shield. Toners (like Menaji Toner) and astringents, such as Anthony Sport Astringent, restore the pH balance of the acid mantle and remove any remaining oil, soap film or dirt that was not cleaned up. So after the skin is thoroughly cleansed, apply a skin toner or astringent. This will close the pores, tighten the skin, and keep it from being exposed to many of the toxins and free radicals that are floating in the air or other environmental pollutants. We recommend that you avoid toners or any facial products that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin and harms the soluble collagen below the surface of the skin.

Water is the key to hydrated, fresh skin. Well-moisturized skin is soft and supple, reflects a healthy glow and ages less quickly. Moisturizers prevent the skin from drying and chapping, and thus slows the aging process. Water moves through the body to the surface in a process called "transepidermal water loss" leaving skin pleasingly firm. If your system is deficient in water, the skin's upper layers become dry and brittle. We recommend drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water daily and eating fluid-rich fruits and vegetables to help normalize dry or oily conditions, and is essential for preventing your body from robbing necessary moisture from your skin. In addition to internal liquid refreshment, skin requires external water replenishing. Moisturizers or humectants attract moisture to the skin's surface and hold it there. We recommend such products as Anthony Sports Lightweight Face Lotion, Appellation Grapeseed Moisturizer or Menaji Hydrator Moisturizer which do just this. They are alcohol-free and bind moisture to your skin. Younger skin only needs light conditioning with a moisturizer whereas older skin needs more intense, specific nourishing treatments.

For most skin types, it's important to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Exfoliating your skin will promote cell turnover, removing dead skin cells and exposing new ones. It also is an effective treatment against ingrown hairs, which is common with shaving. Products such as MenScience Microfine Face Scrub or Anthony Sport Face Scrub accomplish this using microscopic spheres that work deep into pores to clean out cellular debris. Both have been formulated to be gentle on your face but effective in exfoliating the skin's surface. If you have oily or problem skin, we recommend using an exfoliating product at least twice a week. This will reduce the number of acne blemishes resulting of blocked pores.

Lastly, we cannot stress the benefits of using a mud mask for 20-25 minutes at least once every two weeks. The properties of a mud mask are far-reaching and can benefit people of all skin types. It moisturizes those with normal or dry skin and it removes excess oil from those with oily or problem skin. In addition, it helps to promote the body's natural ability to align these imbalances in moisture and oil production. The Appellation Grapeseed Clay Facial Mask or the Menaji Masque score big points with us in this department. For those with combination skin, a mud mask applied more frequently to your oily "T"-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) will rectify these trouble spots by balancing it with the rest of your face. If you suffer from oily or problem skin, a mud mask application of 30 minutes once a week will do wonders for your complexion.


Your daily facial regimen should consist of cleansing the skin with a mild facial cleanser, followed by a light application of toner and a moisturizer to balance and normalize the pH and moisture of your skin. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week and apply a mud mask for 20 minutes at least once every two weeks. Don't forget to take in plenty of water. It will give you great skin and as an extra benefit, significantly reduce your chances of kidney stones!