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Smart ChoicesMost guys don't realize that when it comes to expanding your brain capacity, that they should be hitting the grocery store as well as the books. There are many foods, herbs and supplements that can help improve memory, concentration and focus. Here are some suggestions that are not only good for your body but also for your brain:

1. Eggs & oily varieties of fish (ie. salmon, sardines, mackerel & herring) - which are rich in "good fats" like EFAs (essential fatty acids) that are necessary for the creation of brain cells that improve memory & learning.

2. Soy - which is loaded with protein and triggers the neurotransmitters associated with verbal and non-verbal memory as well as mental flexibility.

3. Certain herbs like:

  • Gingko Boloba - increases memory by stimulating blood flow and oxygen to the brain, and by dilating blood vessels.
  • Green Tea & Sage - combats Alzheimer's Disease by maintaining, and possibly boosting, the level of acetylcholine, an important chemical involved in memory, often lacking in Alzheimer's patients.
  • Rosemary - has been shown to increase long-term memory by approximately 15%.

4. Certain Vitamins & supplements like:

  • Vitamin B - sharpens the senses and can be beneficial for memory in times of stress by maintaining acetycholine levels.
  • Iron - carries oxygen to the brain and a lack of it can cause brain activity to slow, resulting in difficulty concentrating.

5. Water - is essential for memory and it accelerates brain activity. Dehydration causes the brain to release cortisol which inhibits the storage of information.

It's easy to incorporate many of these items into your diet and, coupled with adequate rest and exercise, you can boost your brain power tremendously. Limit your intake of sugar, simple carbs, salt and preservatives, which can actually inhibit the release of certain chemicals needed for the brain to function efficiently.